Thursday, March 13, 2014

Restaurant Cho


When you're obsessed with food, it really hits hard when a restaurant you love closes its doors. It's even more affecting when that restaurant is just a couple blocks down from your apartment. I suffered this great loss with the unexpected closing of St. Henri's beloved brunch spot, Mariani.

When I heard a new Asian restaurant would be opening up in its place, I knew they'd have a difficult crowd to win over. After all, they'd have to fill some pretty large shoes.

Alex and I finally made our way over to Restaurant Cho a few weeks back to see what our new neighbor had to offer. Their menu primarily consists of Asian fusion tapas.

The first dish we ordered was the Braised Beef Bao. The beef was so moist and flavorful, especially with the help of the veal stock, while the buns were light and perfectly spongy. This was one of my favorite plates of the evening. 


Next up was the All Dressed Cho Poutine. Before I give you the breakdown, I must inform you that Alex and I went to Cho the week after Poutine Week. One would think that we would have been all poutined-out by that point. We thought so too. But, no. This poutine, hands down, could have beat out any of the poutines we tried the previous week. It was so good that I forgot I basically lived off poutine only a week prior. So what made it so delicious? Everything. It was made with fresh kimchi, braised beef, green onions, spicy aioli, and cheese. The flavors all played together so well. Sweet, salty, spicy, tangy - all in perfect balance. 


Our next dish was the Sumo Drums, as selected by Alex. They give you the choice of 3, 6 or 12. We went with 3 since we were ordering quite a lot already. The exterior was crispy and well-seasoned, enveloping the moist, succulent dark meat. It had everything you could ask for out of good fried chicken. 


  Our final savory dish was the Po' Boy Bao or Po' Bao made with fried scallops, horseradish mayo, wakame seaweed salad, and shredded carrots. It was one of the specials that evening. Although I enjoyed this dish, it was probably my least favorite of the night, perhaps because I had different expectations. I thought the dish would have more similarities to its Louisiana predecessor. The scallops were fried, but that's about all the two shared in common. Nevertheless, from a Bao perspective, they held their own.


  At this point, we were stuffed to the brim, but that didn't stop us from ordering dessert. We practically drooled at the sight of the giant skillet chocolate chip cookie being brought over to a neighboring table. We just had to. You understand, right?

For all of you who have ever tried the chocolate chip cookie at M:brgr, I think we can agree that it's pretty good...but not ah-mazing. Well, Cho's skillet cookie pretty much kicked that cookie's ass. It was cooked just enough for the top to brown, leaving a beautiful doughy center. What made it especially delicious was that it wasn’t overly rich or sweet.

As if all that wasn’t reason enough to get you over to Restaurant Cho, they just announced that they’ll be collaborating with local bakery, Léché, to bring their famous doughnuts to the menu.  

In the end, we were really pleased with our experience at Cho and were happy to welcome them to the neighborhood. Mariani will always been in our hearts, but thankfully we were given a worthy replacement that certainly does not disappoint. Until next time, Cho!

Restaurant Cho
4450 Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC, Canada H4C 1S1

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