Monday, March 24, 2014

Patrice Pâtissier


Oh lawd. Did the Sud Ouest luck out or what? Patrice Demers chose us. We are the chosen ones. He set up shop in our front yards. For that, I extend the gratefullest of merci’s to Monsieur Patrice himself. You are the man, my dear sir, you are THE MAN.

As you can tell from my enthusiasm, I recently visited Patrice Pâtissier, and by recently, I mean today. I went alone, and yes, I ordered all this food, and no, I am not ashamed. Any more questions? 


Since its opening, I’ve been dying to go. No one was free today, so I scooted on over there by myself. I ordered a handful of items—okay, two handfuls—and grabbed a table near the window. When I arrived, it was bustling. There were lots of families and couples. It wasn’t one of those uptight, pretentious pâtisseries where you walk in and feel out of place. It’s refreshing to find such gourmet delicacies being served in such a friendly, laidback environment


I ordered a cappuccino to curb the edge off the sweetness I was about to inhale. Their beans are from Café St-Henri. It was nice to see them supporting another local business. My cappuccino was very strong, certainly not for the faint of heart, but definitely what was in need to accompany the rich desserts to come.


The first dessert I tried was their Chou banane, chocolat Bahibe et caramel (Choux pastry with banana, Bahibe chocolate and caramel). I have to say I was quite hesitant. Banana has been an acquired taste for me. I used to hate them, but within the past few years, I’ve grown quite fond of a fresh banana here and there. When it comes to bananas incorporated into baked goods, I’m still quite picky.


This baby, however, was divine. The choux pastry was crisp and airy. Texturally, it really complimented the creamy interior. The banana mixture was chunky and tasted lovely with the Bahibe chocolate and light caramel cream topping.

Next up: the Mousse fromage à la crème, poires, airelles (Cream cheese mousse with pears and cranberries). This was an elegant take on cheesecake. I made sure my bites contained each layer of the strata. It had a nutty cookie base, topped with a tart pear center, then a layer of sweet cream cheese, and finally the sour cranberry topping. It balanced out beautifully.


Afterward, I tried the Sablé choco-pacanes (Chocolate, pecan shortbread). This, my friends, is my kind of dessert. I love, love, love shortbread. It's the best cookie variety. Not too sweet, even, dare I say it, slightly salty. Pair that with rich, creamy chocolate and a surprise layer of salted caramel—I’ve died and gone to heaven. So simple, yet so perfect. 


Finally I decided to order one of their petit pots. It was citron, camomille, et miel d’Anicet.  If the Mousse fromage à la crème was their take on cheesecake, then this was their take on lemon meringue. The tart lemon custard was topped with a sweet gelatinous layer of honey and a dollop of fluffy cream. Sweet met sour in blissful harmony. 


Although this visit was reserved to their pastry selection, next time I will definitely have to try their savory offerings. They serve lunch Tuesday through Friday, and dinner/wine bar Thursday through Saturday.

Exciting things are happening in the Sud Ouest region. New restaurants and shops are popping up one after the other, and I’m so happy to call it my neighborhood.

Patrice Pâtissier
2360 Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC H3J 1N4

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