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Rasoi Montreal
Rasoi Montreal
Ever since I moved to St. Henri, I had been dying to try Rasoï on Notre Dame. This past week, Alex and I were craving Indian, so it was the perfect opportunity.

I’ve eaten a lot of Indian food, but I’m by no means an expert. Alex and I’s favorite place is in Toronto, so we tend to make comparisons to our experience there. I’ve also tried a lot of places in the downtown Montreal vicinity, from sit-down restaurants to more quick service establishments, like Thali, near Concordia. We really like Sahib, which has kind of become our go-to since it’s near Alex’s parents’ house in Pointe-Claire. I’ll have to do a post on it soon.

Anyway, even before I moved to the St. Henri neighborhood, I had seen photos of Rasoï’s vibrant locale, and was dying to go. From their turquoise couches to their pink floral ceiling, this St Henri newcomer adds a modern, upscale twist on your typical Indian restaurant.

Their unique décor serves as the perfect setting for their not-so traditional menu. Apparently, it changes regularly, and while it always features a few customary Indian dishes, the bulk of the menu is made up of eclectic fusion options.

Rasoi Montreal - Menu
Dinner Menu

Their drink menu consists of a specialty cocktail list, with items such as the Bollywood Baller, La Belle Femme, and the Mango Mojito. The waitress informed me that the Mango Mojito was their most popular drink, so I went with that. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan, as the ratio of club soda to mango juice and rum was not to my liking.  I don’t typically send back things—seriously, it’s sooo not my personality—but I cannot drink club soda straight (ew.). The waitress kindly exchanged it for La Belle Femme, which I enjoyed a lot more. Sadly, I forgot to note down the ingredients.

Rasoi Montreal - Cocktails - La Belle Femme
La Belle Femme

The dinner menu is written on several chalkboards throughout the restaurant. We decided we would get one appetizer, one of their specialty pizzas, and a main course, all to share.

The appetizer we decided on was the Tandoori Tikka Paneer. For those of you that don’t eat much Indian food, paneer is a curd cheese used in South Asian cuisine. The paneer was coated in a tandoori spice mixture and came with a coleslaw salad on the side. The restaurant wasn’t very busy; it just had a steady flow of people, but it took SO long to get our food. We were starving by the time the appetizer arrived. That being said, the paneer was very spicy and very flavorful. The coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment to take the heat off.

Rasoi Montreal - Tandoori Tikka Paneer
Tandoori Tikka Paneer

The wait for our main courses was even longer. Our appetizer felt like such a tease; I’m not sure if it made our hunger better or worse.

We ordered the California Style Chicken Tandoori Pizza. I would have probably chosen the fig and paneer one had we not been sharing, but Alex trying figs—that’s a joke! The pizza was probably the best dish that night. Only problem was that by the time it arrived to our table, it was cold; not hot, not warm—cold. This was really disappointing, considering how long we had already waited. After being heated up, it was quite delicious, specifically the creamy yogurt sauce.

Rasoi Montreal - California Style Tandoori Chicken Pizza
California Style Chicken Tandoori Pizza

The other dish we chose was the Butter Chicken, which was on the Table d’Hôte menu. We decided to go traditional on this one because we both have a major food crush on butter chicken. I mean it is a classic. It came with a house salad, basmati rice, and now that I’m looking at the photo I took of the menu, it was also supposed to come with papadum (a traditional thin, crisp cracker). Not cool.

Rasoi Montreal - Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

The butter chicken was good, and thankfully at a good temperature, with help from the tea light burner it was set on. It was definitely flavorful, but a little too much on the sweet side. Probably just a taste preference, but I like mine more savory, like at Sahib. I did really like the almonds they topped both the basmati and the chicken with; it added a nice crunch. And the pickled veggies were quite good, as was the naan we ordered on the side.

Rasoi Montreal - Naan

Personally, I found the price of this dish a little steep at $26. It was a smaller portion than what you could get at Sahib for $14 and for what I personally find tastier.

Keep in mind, my opinion is based off my one experience. Like with any restaurant review, take it with a grain of salt. I was very disappointed (a poorly made drink, a terribly long wait for food, a cold dish, a missing side, and steep prices for the value)—but a lot of this simply could have been sourced to an off night. And maybe, other menu options could be better. At a current rating of 88% on Urbanspoon, maybe your experience will be more enjoyable.

3459 Notre Dame St W  
Montreal, QC H4C1P2, Canada


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