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Burger Week Montreal '13

Burger Week Montreal

Last week was Burger Week and it was far from disappointing! I made it to 4 of the competing restaurants without suffering from a grease-induced heart attack.  In preferential order, here are my reviews:

4. Burger Bar Crescent: Rock N’ Roller

Burger Bar Crescent - Burger Week Montreal - Rock N' Roller

-       AAA beef patty
-       Fried "Chèvre Noir" mac n' cheese
-       Bacon
-       Tomato confit
-       Caramelized onions
-       Arugula
-       Extra cheese sauce

This was my first stop on my burger adventure. Alex came along, but opted to try their St. Henri burger (since he’s not a fan of onions). He loveddd his burger. It had cheese sticks in it! Sadly, him opting for another burger made me look like a total fatty when my ginormous Rock N’ Roller arrived at the table.

The Verdict
The concept was definitely solid. I loved the combination of the fried mac n’ cheese and the tomato confit. It made me reminiscent of my younger grilled cheese & tomato soup days. Unfortunately, my burger was cooked unevenly; half of it was perfect and the other half was too well done. And the caramelized onions were a tad over sweet. I could have overlooked these issues but since it was so big and I ended up having to eat it with a fork and knife, it was difficult to get the complete flavor profile in one bite. So it basically forced you to notice the nuances of each individual layer. I think a more condensed version of this burger could really have potential.

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3. Le Gourmet Burger: The Awesome Burger

Le Gourmet Burger - Burger Week Montreal - Awesome Burger

-       Beef burger cooked on real wood charcoal
-       Sun dried tomato pesto
-       Smoked gouda
-       Sautéed mushrooms
-       Caramelized onions
-       Arugula

My second stop was for a lunch date with my friend Rita who I met while doing my internship. We decided on Le Gourmet Burger because their competing burger seemed to be lighter in comparison to other options. Before reviewing the burger, I have to mention that I’d return just for their sweet potato fries & spicy mayo! So yum. Rita’s poutine was really good too!

The Verdict
This burger was so good. The pesto was really flavorful. All the toppings worked so well together, and the patty was probably the best cooked of all the ones I tried. I honestly have no complaints about this burger. However, the reason I ranked it third was because it was the least adventurous of the other burgers.  It faced some pretty decadent competition. I would definitely return for it on an average (not Burger Week) kinda day.

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2. M:brgr: Le Zak Attaque

M:brgr - Burger Week Montreal - Zak Attaque

-       AAA beef burger
-       Mozzarella hash brown
-       Pulled pork
-       Poutine cheese
-       BBQ sauce
-       Zak sauce
-       Tomato

Second on my list is the Zak Attaque. I went to M:brgr with Alex and our friends, Paul and Kristen.  The thought of a hash brown on my burger demanded my attention. Alex ordered the Root Beer Float which was hella huge and oh so delicious.

The Verdict
This burger was big, not as big as the Rock N’ Roller, but still big. Luckily, cutting it in half, I was able to fit everything in my mouth, so it didn’t lose points in that category. The hash brown did not disappoint (well, only if you’re Alex…it was loaded with onions. Too bad, so sad).  The BBQ pulled pork was really flavorful. It worked well with the Zak Sauce, but my only complaint was the actual burger patty itself.  It wasn’t juicy at all. It was kind of bland and dry. Thankfully, the rest of the layers made up for what the patty lacked.

M:Brgr on Urbanspoon

1. Diablos BBQ: The Cheesus Burger

Diablos BBQ - Burger Week Montreal - Cheesus Burger

-       Chicken Fried AAA Beef patty (burger patty dredged with fried chicken batter)
-       White wine cream drizzle
-       Smoked ketchup
-       Bacon
-       Cream cheese sour cream coriander
-       Two slices of baked Halloumi cheese for bun

So the night before M:Brgr, Alex and I invited Paul and Kristen to Diablos BBQ to try the Burger Week burger that was in the lead. I decided that I’d definitely have to return to Diablos for their barbecue. As we were leaving I spotted some ribs that looked to die….

The Verdict
Holy cow. Talk about decadence. Did you read the ingredient list? Scroll back up and read it again. Yea, you heard right…Chicken fried beef patty…in between 2 slices of bread?…No, no, no. That would be way too predictable… In between 2 slices of CHEESE! Say what?! I had high expectations for this burger, as you can imagine. Luckily, as a safety precaution, we had Paul and Kristen both nearby (they’re doctors) because this was one dangerous combo. And it was insanely good. My initial concern was the patty getting overcooked, since it was fried, but nope, it was perfectly pink inside. Plus it had bacon and a kick-ass coriander sauce. Sadly, my pitiful self could have gone for two. It was that good. And it was obvious why it won the competition.

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What were your favorite Burger Week concoctions?

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